Hannibal Season 3: 10 Biggest Rumours You Must Hear

Liars and pyres and scares. Oh my!

Hannibal, the beautifully poetic and gruesome series from David Slade and Bryan Fuller, took a while to get followers, but now it€™s steamrolling. While the first season received generally favourable reviews, the second season has a 100% certified fresh on RottenTomatoes (although Hannibal would never want a rotten tomato). Lauded for its brutal and unrelenting fight scenes, psychological tricks and bold, artistic imagery, the show is an example of a moving painting. Even the dialogue would look good on white walls. After a shocking finale that left four main characters injured, mutilated and gasping for breath, Fannibals, as Hannibal fans are called, are trying to figure out what might happen in the upcoming season, and they've had plenty of time to theorise. It was presumed that Season 3 would premiere in late winter/early spring, as it has the past two seasons, but it was announced in September 2014 that it would be delayed until late spring. Then, NBC disappointed fans even further by announcing in January that the season would be delayed until summer 2015. Hurry it up NBC; everyone wants to know why Bedelia is on that plane with Hannibal. By the way, WTF Bedelia? While you wait for the summer to finally arrive, here are ten delicious rumours to whet your appetite and tide you over.

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