Hannibal Season 3: 10 Biggest Rumours You Must Hear

10. Characters Are Dead

The finale of Season 2 left a lot of main characters injured: Abigail, Alana, Jack and Will. And don€™t forget that Dr. Chilton also took a bullet to the face when Anna Chlumsky (aka My Girl), shot him because she thought he was the Chesapeake Ripper. Tsk. Tsk. Let€™s go down this list and see whether people will or won't survive Abigail has been confirmed to return, but will she be dead or alive? Most people are leaning towards the former, as that was a pretty deadly case of throat cutting. Odds are the confirmed appearances will be flashbacks or visions of some form. Alana is on the cast list, but again, will that doesn't mean she's alive? She was the victim of defenestration in a beautifully shot falling scene. The fall wasn€™t so high that she couldn€™t survive, but she landed on her back; that's a recipe for severe head trauma, broken bones and internal bleeding. Will is alive. He's seen in the trailer for Season 3 chasing Hannibal in underground catacombs, and obviously from the books has more important life events to come. Jack Crawford is also alive. He's precluded from death, as he appears in every Hannibal novel to varying degrees. Not only is he a badass who has to have a rematch with Hannibal, he€™s also Clarice€™s supervisor who sets her on her path towards the cannibal in The Silence Of The Lambs. Sure, the producers could make up a new character to lead the agents, or even give it to Cynthia Nixon, but in all likelihood, Jack is back. It would be a massive diversion from the story if he is killed off. Dr. Chilton is confirmed to return, which makes sense given the fact that he oversees the psychiatric hospital that will be Hannibal€™s home for a while, as it was in Red Dragon, Manhunter and The Silence Of The Lambs. He plays an important thorn in Hannibal's side in the hospital, only now he'll have a really gnarly face scar. No doubt Hannibal will harass him about it.

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