His Dark Materials: Where You Recognise The Cast From

Do you remember him? It’s him from that thing! You know the one, Thomas Jefferson is a rapper!


We all know the feeling. You’re watching a TV show or film, only for some famous face to pop up. It’s him! Him from that thing!

It’s impossible to concentrate on the rest of the show or movie, and it’s worse when you can’t figure how exactly where you know them from. Maybe they’re wearing a strange costume, heavy VFX, or are just look older. Maybe all the pictures of them online don’t look how you thought they would, and it all leaves you even more confused than ever.

Well, fear no more. His Dark Materials enjoyed a successful debut this week, and the show is packed with famous stars, as well as a lot of career character actors that have been in just about everything. Here, both stars and supporting cast get checked off to help you remember where you know them from.

Rather than the last thing they were in a la ‘Where Are They Now?’, this list tackles the biggest projects the cast have starred in previously, to help you remember exactly what that thing you saw them in was.

While we’re on it, episode one was pretty good too, right?

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