How Better Call Saul Season 4 Ending Connects To Breaking Bad

Explaining the Better Call Saul Season 4 finale, Winner.

Better Call Saul Finale

Better Call Saul's fourth season has wrapped-up, with an ending that takes us closer than ever before to the timeline of Breaking Bad.

The fourth run has largely dealt with the fallout from Chuck McGill's death, and the ways it has (or hasn't) impacted Jimmy, who's mostly refused to deal with it. At the same time he's also had to run schemes while unable to work as a lawyer, and seen his relationship with Kim fracture. Unlike the operatic downfall of Walter White, there's a smaller, slower, yet more tragic descent at play with Jimmy, which Season 4 has continued to play around with.

The B-plots, meanwhile, have seen Gus expanding his meth empire and working closely with Mike, including the start of the super lab, while tensions build with the Salamancas, giving the show its jolt of Breaking Bad-esque energy and excitement (even if it's not actually as compulsive viewing as Jimmy's downfall is).

All those spinning plot threads come to a head in the brilliant Season 4 finale, Winner. A fifth is definitely on the way, so we're not at Breaking Bad yet, but on a number of fronts were tantalisingly, worryingly close to it.

Major spoilers from here on out.


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