How DC Can Craft The PERFECT Shared Universe On HBO Max

In five simple steps.

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DC's attempts to create a shared on-screen universe over the last decade have been obvious.

On the big screen Batman v Superman and Justice League tried and failed to launch a universe comparable in scope to the MCU, while on the small screen the Arrowverse triumphed with the 'shared' bit, but was ultimately unsuccessful in providing DC with a space to display their most well-known characters. On top of that, the shows on DC Universe did not live up to the streaming platform's name.

As all of DC's non-CW shows now seem to be moving to HBO Max, alongside a few new projects designed specifically for this new service, the company now has the opportunity to craft the shared universe it always wanted. Complete with big budget adaptations, A-list actors (it is HBO, after all), and even the ability to bring in its big gun characters - your Supermen, Batmen, Green Lanterns etc.

There is also the possibility that DC could royally mess this up though, leaving behind elements that were better kept, or rushing too quickly ahead with the new stuff and leaving fans with yet another disappointment.

In order to help prevent such an outcome, here are some guidelines that they should follow.

5. Start With Justice League Dark

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Why start with this and not Green Lantern? Well, there has been very little said about the Corps so Dark is likely to come first and Dark would provide a better foundation for this DC universe anyway.

That is because it can do two things - establish the world as one filled with superheroes and villains, but also not feel the need to use any of those characters that do not use magic. This is a positive as what this HBO-verse needs to do is to avoid the characters that have been touched on in the recent movies until it has introduced audiences to some lesser known ones.

The Justice League Dark tackles mystical threats, the original League does not - so there would be no need for the likes of Batman to get involved, especially if the mystical threat being dealt with was one that could not be detected by non-magic heroes.

The words 'Justice League' need not even be mentioned. I mean, the 'Dark' name was not immediately bestowed upon the group the first time they met in the comics, so why should it be in the show?


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