How DC's Legends Of Tomorrow Became The BEST Arrowverse TV Show

This gang of rejects, former villains and sidekicks is now outdoing both Arrow and Flash.

The CW

The CW Arrowverse shows have become... a bit of a mixed bag.

The universe started so strongly, with Arrow and The Flash serving as the standard for what comic book shows were capable of when taken seriously. However, along the way, things just started to go awry. Now The Flash looks like a heavily-discounted, cheese-filled version of its former self, Arrow's on its way out a couple of years too late, and Supergirl is, well, under-funded and ripe with squandered potential. Black Lightning's pretty good though - even if it could use more of a push from the studio to make it greater.

You may have noticed that Legends of Tomorrow is missing from that list. Well, that's because LoT is, against the odds, the Arrowverse's most consistently entertaining and experimental show.

What started as a series where prominent side characters could be dumped off has now become something rather special.

The show's premise allowed for something thoroughly different every week. New setting, new stakes, all in service of a singular goal that the Legends are tasked with. This freedom and variety of locales - combined with the charismatic cast - has led Legends of Tomorrow, the show about rejects, to become the Arrowverse's golden goose.


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