How I Met Your Mother: 10 Best Characters Who Appeared After Season One

3. James Stinson

How I Met Your Mother James Stinson

James Stinson, Barney's gay, black brother, is essentially another version of him. When James first comes to visit in Season 2, the gang think of him as Barney 2.0. However, there proves to be a crucial difference between the brothers: James is engaged. This upsets the commitment-phobic Barney, but he ultimately comes around to the idea when James and his husband Tom adopt a son. This is the first step in Barney's acceptance of relationships as a whole.

James recurs throughout the series and acts extremely protective of his younger brother. Whether noticing that Barney's girlfriend bears striking similarities to his mother, or helping him lose his virginity, James is a wonderful brother to Barney, and a great friend to the gang.

The whole Stinson family are great characters, and James is no exception. Wayne Brady does a remarkable job bringing Barney's brother to life.


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