How I Met Your Mother: 10 Greatest Fantasy Sequences

The times that How I Met Your Mother got weird.


Being a television show centred around a group of people living in New York City, you would think that How I Met Your Mother would stay pretty rooted in realism. You would be dead wrong on this assumption.

This popular television show is a great blend of both realism and exaggeration, making these characters seem relatable while also putting them in ridiculous situations. This show does not take itself too seriously, and nothing shows that better than some of the strange skits that pop up throughout the show.

This show has some of the most bizarre fantasy sequences that could possibly be on television, mostly due to Barney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris. The womanizing character tells plenty of ridiculous stories, most of which are not true, leading to these wild fantasy scenes that have almost nothing to do with the plot.

From lavish and-in-your-face musical numbers, to scenes involving sexualized manatee costumes, this show really has it all, even if you didn't ask for it.


10. The Front Porch


The front porch is something that Lily imagines when she is trying to decide if she likes a woman Ted is dating. She pictures the four of them, Lily, Marshall, Ted, and the girlfriend, old and sitting together on a front porch.

If the image provided is not to Lily’s satisfaction, she decides to break them up, being almost like an angel of death for Ted’s relationships.

Seeing three of our main characters in old age makeup sitting on a front porch is a funny image as is, not to mention the fact that the picturesque moment is normally comedically ruined by someone that Ted is dating. The prospect of them all growing old together is very adorable, and adds to the strong bond between the characters.

Although a very odd test to see if you like someone, it is extremely endearing on the part of Lily. The fact that the show went through so much effort to show us all the characters in their old age on a traditional porch is very odd, but very enjoyable to watch.


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