How I Met Your Mother: 10 Most Adorable Marshall And Lily Moments

The Mother of all Couples.


For a show that ended in 2014, it’s sad to say that How I Met Your Mother hasn’t aged particularly well. Whilst the show is still worthy Netflix comfort viewing, like many sitcoms of the time its “Drunk Chick” patter and overtly white casting seems increasingly of an era gone by.

But behind these missteps was a show that despite inherent similarities to Seinfeld and Friends, was written with real heart and a premise that was genuinely original.

And whilst the centre of the show is obviously the hapless romantic Ted on his search for the eponymous mother, arguably the true love story of the much-loved show was that of the long-time “Couple of Couples” Marshall and Lily.

Lovable lawyer/buffoon Marshall and scheming yet well-meaning Lily are a couple so intertwined and “couply” that where Lily ends and Marshall begins is genuinely unclear.

Along the way, the pair shared several truly adorable moments whilst Ted was off not finding the one somewhere in Manhattan. They are truly the mother of all couples.


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