How I Met Your Mother: 10 Most Adorable Marshall And Lily Moments

10. How I Met Your Marshall

20th Century Fox

There are few similarities between How I Met Your Mother and the Oscar nominated film Inception. But one tenuous similarity is the story of how Marshall and Lily met within the story of how Ted met the eponymous Mother. A story within a story.

And like all good “how they met” stories, theirs has been crafted and rehearsed through endless retellings, to the point of it being essentially scripted line by line.

In a Wesleyan corridor Lily gravitated towards Marshall’s room to help fix her stereo, with seemingly fate being her only rationale for choosing Room 110.

Although the story is cute, it is the way the pair regale it with such a sense of fondness and cosmic inevitability that makes it quite so ‘Marshall and Lily’.

The episode ‘How I Met Everyone Else’ is the best way to learn how the infamous duo met one another.


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