How I Met Your Mother: All Of Robin's Love Interests Ranked Worst To Best

Robin dated a lot and some of those relationships were significantly better than others.


Robin Charles Sherbatsky Jr has the best developed backstory of all the supporting cast on How I Met Your Mother. Robin is not the girliest of girls. She enjoys cigars, scotch, and hockey. She also happens to be a gun nut. Sorry, gun enthusiast. These are all traditionally masculine domains but her father did raise her as a boy so we know where to point our fingers.

How I Met Your Mother is apparently Ted narrating to his kids the story of how he met their mother, but the titular mother barely makes an appearance in the story, and even then only at the very end. Robin, on the other hand, is in every single episode of the show

The story starts conveniently on the day Ted met Robin, but he blows the first date by going too big way too soon and telling her he loves her. She ends up cycling through a number of lovers. Thanks to her phobia for commitment and kids, most of these relationships go nowhere. Here is a definitive ranking of those lovers, from the worst to the best:

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