How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Barney Stinson - Finish These Quotes

"Think of me as Yoda, only instead of being little and green, I wear suits and i'm awesome"


How I Met Your Mother really wouldn't be the same without Barnabus Stinson, yes, it’s a ledgn... wait for it... dary name.

Barney is clearly the breakout character from HIMYM, with his complex seduction techniques and 'the playbook' acting as a constant source of humour. Always in a suit and constantly opinionated, Barney has become one of the most beloved TV characters of this generation.

With a backlog of hilariously quotable one-liners, Barney has cemented his place within comedy folklore and has led to the roaring success of How I Met Your Mother.

Could you recite the Bro Code? How well do you really know Barney Stinson?

1. “When I Get Sad, I Stop Being Sad...”


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