How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Ted Mosby - Finish These Quotes

Was he really vomit-free since ’93?


When Ted sits down to tell his children the story of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, it portrays the many different relationships that Ted has stumbled through. The story is ultimately just this hopeless romantic’s way of showing how much Robin has meant to him.

While Ted may overthink things and felt his life was moving slower than others, each failed relationship comes with more laughs and more life lessons.

Barney Stinson may be seen as the true breakout character of HIMYM, but Ted Mosby is integral to each and every character in the show, acting as the glue that holds them all together. Without Ted, the show really wouldn't have reached such acclaim and he is one of the main reasons why How I Met Your Mother became the roaring success it is today.

How well do you really know Ted Mosby?

1. “Somewhere Out There Is A Yellow Umbrella For Everyone...”


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