How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Was It - Barney Stinson Or Ted Mosby?

Which bro was it?


Barney and Ted prove that you don't need to have the same interests or the same life goals to be the best of friends. For them, it's their differences and individual quirks that make their friendship extra special.

Like all friends they have their arguments and disagreements, but at the end of the day they are always there for each other when it matters. Barney helped Ted to realise that while he was frantically searching for his soul mate, he needed to stop and remember to have fun along the way. And boy did they have fun!

Now, you may think you can easily tell Barney's wild lavish lifestyle from that of Ted's more conventional one, but can you be 100% sure?

Can you tell which of the following belongs to which character. Was it The Barnacle, Barney Stinson or The Sex Architect, Ted Mosby?

Let us know how you did in the comments thread below.

Answers at the end.

1. Who Was Born In Shaker Heights, Ohio?

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