How To Get Away With Murder: How They Got Away With The Murders

Disclaimer: This is list not advice, just a breakdown. Murder is bad m’kay?

How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder’s mix of courtroom drama and engaging personal stories snowballed in popularity, culminating a sixth and final series for the flagship ABC show, which also dominated Netflix upon its releases on the platform.

Although working with a script that does sometimes stray into melodrama, Viola Davies shines as Annalise Keating. Her Emmy award for the role contributed to her becoming the first African American to secure the Triple Crown, having won the leading awards in the worlds of film, television and theatre. Davis is supported ably by a young cast, Aja Naomi King in particular looks like she could be dropped into a leading major Hollywood film role tomorrow, and there are some wonderfully hammy scenes from Charlie Weber.

Throughout the series, Annalise’s staff, specially selected students, and long-term allies alone are responsible for an alarming number of deaths, some cheered by viewers, some not so much. As to be expected from a crew with such brilliant legal minds, they are almost always covered up in a way that protects all concerned.

The media in res presentation style, gradually revealing events over the course of a season is one element that made the show so addictive but, also leaves the viewer with a somewhat disjointed perspective of storylines, which we hope this list will help clear up.

Beware of spoilers ahead, and get used to seeing the name Frank Delfino, as we delve into how exactly to get away with murder.

12. Jorge Castillo

Starting with the most recent murder, it took until the very last episode for Laurel Castillo and Tegan Price to get in on the action. Jorge Castillo is one of the most unlikeable characters across the whole series, the tech CEO is shown to be a ruthless figure, using his power and wealth to bully anyone he likes, including what can only be described as kidnapping his infant grandchild.

By the final series, Jorge is in prison as his multiple criminal activities finally catch up with him. After one too many betrayals by her father, Laurel decides the constant background menace from her father, even from behind bars, needs to be dealt with. Between her and Tegan, they arrange for two unnamed fellow inmates to stab him to death.

With this basically taking place in the final scenes of the whole show, it is not entirely clear how the two protected themselves from investigation, but there is no suggestion either were even linked with the crime. With violence in the US prison system a common occurrence, it can only be assumed the death of an arrogant businessman in federal prison was written off as another regrettable statistic.


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