It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Which Character Did It?

Do you know which of the gang did these awful things?

It S Always Sunny

In 2005, the first season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's aired and introduced us to four unique and wild characters. Charlie Kelly, the wildcard with little to no brain cells. Mac, the mass cultivating sociopath, and the dysfunctional twins Dennis and Dee Reynolds.

Their short first season was a bit lackluster and needed something else to bring it up. In came Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds, the father of Dennis and Dee. During season 2, DeVito became a series regular and has appeared in every episode since.

With the 15th season having just aired, it's safe to the say the gang have gotten up to a lot of mischief and trouble, most of which illegal. From running children's pageants, to drinking on a plane, to faking their own deaths, and even stealing babies, the gang is truly a horrible bunch. That said, it's hard not to laugh during the absurd events that unfold during an average episode of the show.

Do you know the gang well enough to say which character did the following things? Only a true master can get these all right.

1. Who Pooped In The Bed?


A grown up... allegedly