Jessica Jones: 11 Things From The Comic They Didn't Show

Did Luke Cage and Jessica Jones visit the Vegemite Valley?

Marvel is now two for two on Netflix, with Jessica Jones being a series worthy of following the almighty Daredevil. A horror story of sorts, Jessica Jones has all the staples of a gumshoe noir but peels the gum off and puts it in your hair when you least expect it. It€™s dark, moody, graphic and extremely psychological, a testament to its source material, Alias. Alias is the original story of Jessica Jones, created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos. It is the debut of Jessica Jones, a wholly new character in the Marvel universe who is unlike any others that have come before her. Bendis found no censorship issues under the freedom of the MAX imprint, an adult-only line in which Marvel characters were allowed to swear like sailors, fight like sailors and f**k like€ sailors? With new found freedom, the creators weaved a tale about a woman who fights, farts, and drinks like a fish with alcoholism. Jessica Jones followed a trend for Bendis, who was inspired by his mother to create and write strong female characters, not simply in physical ability but in characterization. Jessica Jones is as flawed as she is strong and is as strong as she is fragile, refusing to take sh*t from anyone, super powered or otherwise. Although Jessica Jones, the television series, is violent, brutal and full of intense sex scenes, there are some things from Alias that were not shown, either due to rating restrictions or complications deriving from the MCU and all the legal tape surrounding the use of Marvel characters in live action television/film. Here are some things from Alias that were missing from its live action adaptation.


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