Legion: 6 Ups & 1 Down From 'Chapter 2'

Legion doesn't quite hit the highs of its pilot, but it still continues to excel.

Legion David Haller
Michelle Faye/FX

The series premiere of Legion was unlike any superhero TV episode ever put on screen, and indeed different to the vast majority of shows of any genre currently out there.

Noah Hawley crafted a stunning journey into the mind of David Haller, complete with incredible visuals, intriguing setup for the future, and some top-notch performances, led by Dan Stevens in the main role.

After a pilot for the ages, then, can Legion repeat the trick? That's one of the many questions Chapter 2 has to try and tackle, along with the actual narrative questions concerning David's escape, his relationship with Syd, the arrival of Melanie Bird and her cohorts, and just what the yellow-eyed beast is.

The second instalment is thankfully shorter than the first, if not quite as mind-blowing. But it does accomplish most of those tasks, delivering yet another super smart, inventive episode, which only further solidifies Legion's place as one of the best shows on TV right now. Save for one moment that didn't really work, there was a lot to love once again.

(Warning: this review contains spoilers.)


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