Legion: 6 Ups & 1 Down From 'Chapter 2'


6. Dr Bird

Legion Dr Melanie Bird David
Michelle Faye/FX

Melanie Bird, played by Jean Smart (who previously earned an Emmy nomination for her work on Hawley's Fargo), was only seen briefly in the first episode, showing up at the end to help with his escape from Clockworks.

Here she gets a far meatier role, and much like she did with her scenes in Fargo, Smart quickly becomes one of the best things about the episode. Her doctor is an interesting, dare I say *smart* character, who begins building a solid rapport with Stevens' David while also helping flesh out the world and the larger stakes at play behind his own psychosis.

She's sympathetic towards David, but also understands the importance of what's happening to him, and the need for him to learn. In a show that's very weird - sometimes straying into too weird - and often difficult to keep track of, Smart's Bird provides us with some sure grounding, but still leaves enough to be questioned about her as well.


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