Loki Episode 2 Breakdown - Lady Loki & Possible Kang Theory Explained

A breakdown of all the important bits of the second episode of Loki on Disney+

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Week 2 of Loki has come just in time and this episode was even better than the last, giving us some more insight to our characters, some big reveals and a lot of great comedy moments too.

The episode starts in the 80’s at a Renaissance fair, where yet another group of Minutemen are attacked by the hooded figure. Our mystery villain enchants their commander and uses her body to attack her colleagues, before finally appearing in person to kidnap her.

We have a bit of fun with Loki as he tries to swat Miss Minute with a rolled up jet-ski magazine, before Mobius puts him to work in his very own TVA variant jacket at the latest crime-scene.

Loki stalls for time, almost fooling everyone before Mobius calls his crap and the TVA moves on as normal - however enough damage has been done that Mobius ends up in a meeting with judge Ravonna Renslayer.

There they discuss Loki, their relationship and the tense situation with the Variant and the Time-Keepers. Mobius realises there’s no room for error and puts Loki to task on analysing some files.

As if the day hasn’t been stressful enough for Mobius, Loki then ruins his salad to illustrate a tenuous metaphor about how Variant Loki is staying hidden- hopping from one apocalypse to another doing whatever they want because no Nexus energy will show up. If everyone is gonna die anyway, nothing matters!

To illustrate his point, Loki and Mobius head to Pompeii briefly before everyone gets turned to ash and Loki makes an absolute scene. Releasing some goats, throwing stuff around and shouting that he’s from the future. And sure enough, no Nexus energy is generated!

With this knowledge, they cross-reference the Kablooie candy they found in the French chapel with all known naturally occurring devastation events and narrow it down to a corporate town in Alabama that gets wiped out by a tsunami.

On location, Loki gets thrown around by the Variant enchanting various different bodies and utterly fails to make a case for their partnership. Variant Loki wastes no time in sharing that they have no interest in taking over the TVA or being buddies.

As the Minutemen find their kidnapped member, our hooded figure reveals her face and steps through a timedoor after detonating dozens of reset charges and time doors to absolutely decimate the Sacred Timeline.

Loki, much to the TVA’s dismay, follows her through the door to wherever it is she intends to land.

Oh boy, it was a good episode.

4. Is The Hooded Figure Lady Loki?

Loki episode 2 identity revealed thumb
Walt Disney Corporation

So there were a lot of hints towards the hooded figure not being quite the Loki we were expecting, in fact if they hadn't confirmed that it was definitely Loki variant energy about a million times then I would have been guessing that ‘maybe it isn’t Loki at all!’ For now though this doesn’t seem to be the case, especially with the big reveal at the end of the episode finally giving our mysterious enemy a face, and that face appears to belong to Lady Loki.

People first started guessing that Lady Loki would be making an appearance back in 2020, after leaked set photos showed Sophia Di Martino in a costume that looked suspiciously similar to Loki’s original Avengers movie getup.

As is usually the case here, we’re going to have to take what we know from the comics and then leave a bit of wiggle room for the MCU. In the comics, Lady Loki first appears after the whole Ragnarok debacle when Loki takes on a female form. Thus in the comics they don’t exist as separate characters, rather as one and the same. Obviously here the whole charm of the Loki/TVA situation here is that Variant Lokis exist as separate from each other, with that little slideshow type thing showing us just a few of the Variants the TVA have had to deal with in the past.

Lady Loki may not be one and the same as the Loki we know (as in the comics) but she shares many of his traits. In the comics, Loki carries on with all his signature tricks and mischief whilst occupying the female form but from what we can tell now, Lady Loki on screen may be a darker and more powerful version of our main Loki.

So, who will prevail as the better, superior Loki?

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