Loki Episode 3: 10 Biggest Questions

We need to know more about Sylvie's backstory, and Loki's love life!

Loki Sylvie
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After episode two of Loki ended on the huge cliffhanger of the Sacred Timeline being bombed, there were numerous questions raised about the rest of the series, and of course about the stability of the MCU timeline in the future.

This seemed like a potential lead into the Multiverse of Madness, but without further answers, no one could be sure. It was reasonable to assume that at least some answers would be given in the following episode, however it instead deviated from its main story into something of a side quest for Loki and Sylvie.

There was little to no sight of the TVA, not even a hint of Mobius, and little in the way of answers. Loki and Sylvie's adventure was still incredibly entertaining, though it acted as a platform to build and develop both characters while trying to escape the oncoming apocalypse instead of furthering the series' main narrative.

What this did lead to however, is even more questions. Some are about the unexplored areas of Loki's past, some about the MCU's newest character, and a lot revolve around the big TVA revelation at the end of the episode. Some of these questions will be answered sooner rather than later, while some may not be answered at all, leaving fans to try and fill in the gaps themselves for the time being.

10. They're All Variants?!

Loki Sylvie
Marvel Studios

In episode one of Loki, the MCU was introduced to a whole new entity in the Time Variance Authority. The titular character, and fans alike, had their hands held by the organisation's cute little mascot, Miss Minutes, as she walked them through the background and purpose of the TVA.

Not only was the entire organisation built by the Time Keepers in order to help maintain the Sacred Timeline, every single employee was created with the purpose of working for them. This is what Loki was told, and is apparently what the workers themselves have been told, however this would now appear to be a lie.

According to Sylvie, after wandering around the minds of several TVA Minute Men, the workers actually had previous lives. Instead of being created by the Time Keepers, they are all apparently Variants themselves, which raises so many more questions.

At what point were they recruited and brainwashed by the TVA instead of being pruned? Would Loki have eventually been turned into a mindless TVA agent as well? And is every single one of the TVA's staff a Variant, or are there some who know what is really going on?

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