Loki Episode Four: 10 Biggest Questions

Lots to think about heading into the final two episodes of Loki.

Loki Time Keepers
Marvel Studios

From the very first episode, Loki threw its name in the ring for the title of best MCU Disney+ series so far, and with each passing episode, that claim has only grown stronger.

WandaVision was a fantastically unique entry in the franchise, and after Falcon and the Winter Soldier gave fans a more traditional superhero property, Loki has brought them back to the weird and wonderful.

Now, over halfway through its six episode stretch, the show has started to hit top gear. After the Lamentis detour that was episode three, episode four saw the series return to the TVA and the overarching storyline.

There was more interrogation between Loki and Mobius as their relationship went even deeper, questions started being asked by the workers of the Time Variance Authority, and there was finally a first glimpse at the Time Keepers behind it all (kind of).

Yet, with just two episodes left to go, fans are still left questioning what could possibly happen next.

The first post-credit scene of the series raised a handful of questions on its own in the space of just a few seconds, while the events at the TVA have fans screaming for answers.

10. Where Is Loki?

Loki Time Keepers
Marvel Studios

As soon as Loki arrived at the TVA, he was threatened with being pruned. He saw someone suffer this same fate because they didn't take a ticket, and it seemed as though he was killed instantly, so with this threat hanging over his head, he was certainly limited in what he could do.

However, after he and Sylvie attacked the Time Keepers, he was hit with a pruning stick from behind by Renslayer, in much the same way he killed/kind of killed Agent Coulson (depending on if Agents of SHIELD is technically part of the MCU any more).

Fans had been conditioned to believe that this meant instant death, however the first post-credit scene of the series revealed that he has not been killed, but rather transported somewhere.

The landscape is a desolate wasteland, with a decrepit Avengers Tower in the background, but where exactly is he?

This could be a timeline in which Loki actually defeated the Avengers in 2012 and has since gone to Hell. Since he may be the cause of this particular apocalypse, the TVA may have used it as a prison of sorts, specifically for Lokis.

This would make sense as to why he was greeted by only other Loki Variants and no one else. Just imagine a world inhabited by Lokis!

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