Lost: How It Should Be Re-Cast In 2021

If Lost got new faces, who would they be?!

Lost Recast

J.J. Abrams' Lost was one of those shows that felt years ahead of its time. Just before the golden age of TV hit the world and streaming platforms became the most accessible medium for content, series shows were considered a lesser form of storytelling when compared to cinema. But, this epic, mysterious and constantly evolving show about the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 was an early example that it could be more than that.

There were plenty of elements that went into the success of Lost, such as the unique concept, solid visuals and writing, but it was the characters who took home the bacon for bringing viewers back every season. The ensemble cast was teeming with notable figures and compelling conflicts, and it's safe to say that the casting was spot-on.

However, just as Lost always begged the question of what was really going on, so too shall this list ask what would have happened if it were done differently. The best way to do this is to ask who would have taken these iconic roles if Lost was made now?

14. Claire Littleton - Emily Browning

Lost Recast

Being stranded on a deserted island is hard enough, but surviving that whilst being pregnant is even worse. Sadly, that's what poor Claire had to deal with, but she still was a bright light in the show.

Other than giving birth to and raising young Aaron, Claire also dealt with heartbreak, romance and a growing sense of autonomy in the group. So, she'd need an actor who could capture something complicated while still warming everyone's hearts, and Emily Browning is the perfect candidate.

She's proven her worth in projects like Legend, American Gods and more. As someone who rose to prominence as a child star - best shown in A Tale Of Unfortunate Events - she could naturally capture the youthful vibes that Claire needs.

Also, since her last two major credits have been in TV roles (The Affair and American Gods), she'd certainly know how to carry a character through a series. Plus, let's not forget that as an Australian actor, she'd no doubt bring Claire's iconic accent to life easily.

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