Lost In Space Review: 5 Ups & 5 Downs

3. The Embarrassing Oreo Product Placement

Lost In Space Oreo

It's no surprise that a high-budget production such as this features product placement, but the Oreo placements featured in the season's second episode are both lazy and embarrassing to the point of lunacy.

Oreos are featured in four separate sequences throughout the episode, being lovingly celebrated by the Robinson family in hilariously unsubtle terms, while the cast ensures to face the cookie's packaging to the camera as much as possible.

What's worse is that the packaging doesn't even look remotely futuristic: it looks like an intern just ran out to the nearest convenience store five minutes before shooting and grabbed whatever Oreo box they had. Perhaps if the Robinsons were brandishing a snazzy, far-flung Oreo box, this wouldn't have seemed quite so insulting.

As it stands, it's a real groaner, though at least all nine other episodes kept the shilling far more subdued.


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