Love, Death, And Robots Season 1: 5 Ups And 2 Downs

Tim Miller's gory, crude, and visually-stunning animated series is a must-watch.


Who would've thought that one of Netflix's best series yet would be an unrelentingly-gory, foul-mouthed animated show centered around everything from underground monster-fighting to Yogurt conquering the world? Executively-produced by David Fincher and created by Tim Miller, what started out as a developing reboot of the Heavy Metal movie from 1981 became Love, Death, and Robots. LDR is an anthology animated series that focuses on (in one way or another) technology and/or violent, bloody death.

Love, Death, and Robots is a thoroughly unique and interesting series to watch. Although shows like Black Mirror are certainly experimental when it comes to its varying tones and visual style, LDR steps it up by using drastically different art styles and concepts to give you something refreshingly unexpected every time. Impressively, they don't even need a lot of time to pull it off either. No episode breaks the twenty-minute mark and while certain ideas feel like they could've gone on for triple the time, enough is offered to make you want more.

Each episode is its own experiment in utilizing at least one of the three parts of the title, and simply put, you'll have no idea what's coming. However, before the praise continues, let's cover where the show falters slightly.


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