Love, Death, And Robots Season 1: 5 Ups And 2 Downs

7. Down: It Can Get Too Over-Indulgent


This is an intense show in every sense. The visuals and audio attack all of your senses and the sex and violence are unrestricted, to say the least. Because of this freedom, it does get a bit too unnecessarily over-violent. For a show centralized around violence, the gore and more explicit elements aren't surprising. They can feel overemphasized though, and during particular sequences, could make some viewers a bit queasy.

Whether it's 2D or full CG animation, the gruesome detail mixed with the ear-attacking sound effects leads to numerous brutal moments that end up being pretty off-putting. Certainly effective moments, but so often they feel like they get a bit carried away with it and it ultimately feels unnecessary. Not an episode goes by before you're seeing a limb get torn apart or someone getting shot up. It's not limited to just the action-oriented sections either, as nudity finds itself in just about every short and a lot of times, it's there just to be there.

Some restraint would've enhanced the experience here. While the action is done very well throughout, there was a slight obsession over it at times that led to a feeling of over-indulgence from the creative teams. If they were willing to hold back with certain moments, they could've been more effective.


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