Mad Men: 10 Alcoholic Drinks From The Show You Must Try

Rsz Mad Men If there's one thing that Mad Men has done for the world, it's almost single-handedly brought about a resurgence of classic cocktails into the mainstream. It's pretty safe to say that everybody loves a cocktail, and those who don't are lying. Having a cocktail takes all the pain out of dirt cheap spirits, so why spend up to £10 a cocktail in a swanky bar when you can spend £10 on a whole bottle of vodka and make them at home? Mad Men has brought the glamour back to day drinking, so get your cocktail shaker (or just hold a chopping board over a big jug) and celebrate with Mad Men's most iconic drinks. Quite of few of these drinks (and cocktails in general) call for simple syrup in the recipe. The clue's in the name - making simple syrup is as simple as taking equal parts sugar and water, then boiling it until syrupy and translucent

10. Gimlet

Rsz gimlet Betty Draper3 One of the most important things to know about the Gimlet it that it is not the name of the dwarf warrior in Lord of the Rings, as I first thought when I was introduced to it. The Gimlet is a simple but fruity cocktail that's been favoured by Betty, most notably when she needed some Dutch courage for sexy adventures in Season 2. You can have a Gimlet with either vodka or gin, although the flavours in gin probably give the lime that little extra. Other clear spirits would presumably work with this two-ingredient splash of delicious, but replacing the vodka or gin with rum and adding some simple syrup strays dangerously into Daiquiri territory, although this is no bad thing. Ingredients: 60ml gin/vodka 50ml lime cordial (or lime juice if you like it sharp) Preparation: Mix ingredients together, preferably over ice, and strain into a martini glass.
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