Mad Men: 10 Alcoholic Drinks From The Show You Must Try

9. White Russian

Rsz 2white Russian Roger Sterling Roger Sterling may have preferred a simple milk and vodka, but why have that when you can go further and make a White Russian? Milk and vodka is all very well, but switching out the milk for cream and adding in some coffee liqueur gives it a delicious kick and makes it extra smooth. The White Russian grew in popularity in recent years due to the success of the film The Big Lebowski, and the main character's tendency to drink little else. White Russians make for a great after dinner drink as they're often sweet and creamy, but may not be ideal for having all night long due to the sickly nature of drinking large amounts of cream. If you have any amaretto lying around you can sweeten it up with a few dashes of that and turn it into a delicious dessert cocktail. Ingredients: 45ml vodka 20ml coffee liqueur (preferably Kahlua) 20ml cream Preparation: Pour the vodka and Kahlua over ice, then top with the cream.
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