Mad Men: 10 Worst Things Don Draper Did

As Don Draper's final reckoning approaches, it's time for a rundown of his most infamous moments...

In less than a week, Mad Men will cease to exist. Just breathe that in for a minute. Ranking among such lofty company as Breaking Bad and The Sopranos as one of the finest TV dramas of all time, it's given fans so much since first appearing in 2007: 60s fashion, misogyny and lots and lots of cigarettes. Embodying all of these is Don Draper: chief protagonist, style icon and all-round man of mystery. He is probably the show's most divisive character, but love him or hate him, it's hard to stop watching. On the face of it Don Draper has a lot going for him: he's good-looking, charismatic and filthy rich. Unfortunately he's also a serial womaniser, alcoholic, frequently neglectful father, identity thief, and yeah, that's just scratching the surface really. When the show ends, he'll leave with an impressive list of misdemeanours. To his credit, in this final season at least, he's certainly tried to turn a page. With that in mind, it's hard to know what the finale has in store for him. Will it be absolution, or will his past offences finally catch up with him? But before all that, let's celebrate, or perhaps that should be reflect on, some morally questionable Don Draper moments.

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