Mad Men Finale: 10 Things That Happened Next

It's not the end, only the beginning.

Over almost 10 years Mad Men has quietly become one of the top TV dramas. The period details, understated acting and high-end writing have helped it carve out a place among HBO behemoths The Sopranos and The Wire, as well as AMC stablemate Breaking Bad as some of the finest television of all time. It may not be able to compete with The Walking Dead for viewing figures but it has consistently earned critical acclaim and its audience is just as loyal. By the time the finale rolled into view last Sunday there were a number of questions on viewers lips: is that really the end for Betty? What next for Don? Will we see Peggy again? All of these questions were answered and then some in one of the most satisfying conclusions to a TV drama in recent memory. And yet, it's not really the end for these characters, is it? While the cameras stopped rolling, we have been given enough information to guess what lies ahead for Don Draper et al but there is plenty of room for interpretation. Just because the show ended on one story-line does not necessarily mean it will prevail indefinitely. The show's characters were so expertly rendered you have to assume they'll go on just as unpredictably as before. Some learning their lessons, others making the same mistakes. Here are some predictions for what happened to the characters when the show ended.
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