Marvel's Iron Fist: Ranking Every Major Character From Worst To Best

From all of the Meachums to Danny Rand himself, which characters work and which fall flat? 


Iron Fist has punched its way onto Netflix, completing the run of shows in the build-up to The Defenders that dates back to 2015.

Two years in the waiting, the series unfortunately doesn't deliver in the way its predecessors did. While it's not as aggressively bad as some reviews have made out, it is still - by some distance - the weakest entry in the Netflix Marvel Universe, with a litany of issues - a lot of which can be traced back to the writing - that prevent it from succeeding (you can read our spoiler-filled review here).

However, even with those problems this is still a Marvel Comics TV show, which means we're going to be getting a number of potentially interesting, badass, powered-up characters across the series. There a those who exist purely for this one season of television, others laying the groundwork for The Defenders or a potential Season 2, and those transferred across from the likes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Because of the quality of writing (and in some cases acting) not all of them translate well, but there are others who bely the overall product and stand as highlights of the entire show, and indeed this whole universe (contains spoilers).


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