Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2: 10 Best Moments

6. Jess & Trish Visit The Country Club (Episode 6, "AKA Facetime")

Jessica Jones Justis

While this season left Jessica overly bogged down in fairly dull breadcrumb-following investigations, this was broken up by a highly entertaining trip to a country club, to ask Justis Ambrose about his seemingly funding the experiments of IGH's shady Dr. Karl Malus (Callum Keith Rennie).

Jess and Trish head to the club where, of course, they're refused entry by the snooty front-of-house staff. While Trish distracts the staff, Jess sneaks onto the golf course where she tracks down Ambrose...after dispatching the golf course's security detail, that is.

Justis then explains that Karl's experiments saved his own son's life, and he now pays Karl to cover his personal expenses, prompting Jess to snap his golf club and storm off. Meanwhile Trish, still high on the effects of Simpson's magic inhaler, promptly vomits all over the floor. Lovely.

Far away from the series' stodgy and dull investigations, here Jess and Trish got to visit a bright, colourful locale for once, and Jess in particular couldn't have seemed more absurdly, brilliantly out of place.


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