Marvel's Luke Cage Season 2: Ranking Every Major Character From Worst To Best

At least no one's as bad as Diamondback. 


Luke Cage season 2 has now arrived and, much like every recent season of a Marvel-Netflix show, it's received mixed reviews. For this writer's money, though, it was an improvement on season 1. Sure, it sagged in places but it didn't shoot itself in the foot like the debut run did with its terrible Diamondback arc.

Probably the biggest strength of this season is that it's very character-driven. Luke Cage's best suit isn't its deft plotting, so this run knows how to play to its strengths by spending lots of time exploring the various characters, their shifting loyalties and getting underneath their (sometimes bulletproof) skin to see what makes them tick. It may be a controversial opinion, but Luke Cage might have the best ensemble cast of any of the Marvel-Netflix shows.

In season 2, we have two crime bosses launching a turf war, a brace of estranged family members returning to complicate their loved one's lives, heroes who might not know when to stop and even a surprising number of crossover characters. Some didn't work as well as they should have done, while others were electric to watch.

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