Marvel On Disney+: 10 Biggest Reveals From Super Bowl Spot

9. The Falcon's New Costume

Scarlet Witch Disney

Disney is spending a lot of money on the Marvel TV shows coming to its streaming service but The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, for example, still isn't going to necessarily feature the same sort of budget as movies like Black Widow and Eternals. However, any concerns that they won't have that same high-quality feel should be forgotten after seeing this.

As The Falcon flies into action, we get to see his new costume for the first time outside of concept art and the hero looks phenomenal. Who is he chasing down? Well, that's where things get exciting.

Given the yellow and black suits they're decked out in - not to mention those helmets - the signs definitely appear to be pointing to them being part of A.I.M. In the comics, Advanced Idea Mechanics is a privately funded think tank made up of scientists whose sole mission is to acquire and develop power through technological means.

They've clashed with Captain America many times over the years and this is quite likely an offshoot of the group we met in Iron Man 3.


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