Marvel's Daredevil: 18 Problems With Season 2

As Helen Lovejoy is oft to say, 'Please, won't somebody think of the bathophobiacs!'

Daredevil Matt Elektra

When I was asked if I was keen to write an article about the problems in Daredevil Season 2, I immediately said yes. Then I realized that I basically said yes to publicly labeling all the reasons why my supermodel girlfriend who does volunteer work  and loves rugby union isn’t perfect.

Season 2 of Daredevil was everything I wanted it to be and then some. This isn’t only because my hetero life-mate Frank Castle was finally given his due as a live action character but because it was simply a stellar show with great acting, writing and fighting all around.

This article will include feasible gripes balanced with some more tongue-in-cheek points because I’ve now become the internet’s equivalent of that lady who comes to your school to check everybody’s hair for nits.

Here are a few of the problems found in everybody’s favourite show about a blind lawyer with super senses, living in an city destroyed by aliens. A multitasker who dishes out justice whilst simultaneously having philosophical debates with a man who’d rather punch a bullet through your head then punch you.

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen was consistently coerced to get his hands dirty in Season 2 and this left a couple of stains.

18. ASAP Slap Of Sanctimony

Daredevil Matt Elektra

Foggy Nelson himself isn’t a bad character in the slightest. In fact, when weighed up against the other supporting characters in the Marvel Universe, he’s arguably the most important counterweight to the heroic title character. Without Foggy, there’s no Matt and without Matt, there’s no Foggy.

Despite the fact that I’m kind of embarrassed that, as a young’in, I once wanted to be partnered with Foggy (he was one half of the Bash Brothers in The Mighty Ducks), I can’t slag the guy. He got to shine during this season. He killed it in the People vs Frank Castle case and rightfully put Matt in his place after all the times he s*** on their friendship and business for a piece of that Eleketra pie.

Still, Foggy is in a perilous position because he’s forced to make the consistent, sanctimonious speeches. Which he goes and does immediately in the second scene of the very first episode. For anyone who is unsure of the relationship between the two, the conversation is forced and it looks like they’re going to suck face at the end.

Going from Frank straight out slaughtering a whole bunch of Irish mobsters to an immediate philosophical debate was jarring and made for an awkward opener.


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