Marvel's Daredevil: 31 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

The man with no fear has lots of eggs...

Battle Of New York

The question of how Marvel and Daredevil might recover from the past sins of the franchise (including Elektra and one notorious scrapped TV show) was always going to be an intriguing one.

The revelation that Netflix's version of the character, with Charlie Cox under the mask, is a triumphant, appropriately brilliant rebirth of a horribly abused but entirely loved property. Given the freedom of Netflix's less stringest censorship obligations, the show is dark, bloody and gloriously not-suitable-for-TV. Forget your dark knight, this is a reclaiming of the dark night.

And just as they promised and promised near endlessly in the run up to the show, Daredevil is an expert's dream; a fanboy's paradise of comic lore, source consideration and easter eggs, references and in-jokes aimed squarely at the most ardent of fans. Yet, somehow, despite the dense fog of references and grit, it's completely accessible and utterly entertaining.

It may be a cliche, but Daredevil is something for everyone, from poster-wielding, canon-loving fans to casual Netflix fans, but in appealing to the second lot, there's no compromise at all. And a lot of that is down to how well the show has crammed in references to not only the source comics but also the MCU generally.

WARNING: Inevitably, lots of spoilers for the entire series follow.

31. "The Incident"

Battle Of New York
Marvel Studios

Daredevil effectively lives in a post-traumatic version of New York, sometime after the events of the first Avengers movie (and likely the second), with the residents counting the cost of Loki's attack on the city. The "Incident" as it is labelled hangs over the show like a dark shadow, and has proved to be the catalyst for the escalating crime.

It is even expressly mentioned that Kingpin's rise has been made possible by the appearance of new heroes stealing attention away from lower level crime. The first major indication that this is part of the shared MCU, and that it's all very clearly heading towards Civil War.

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