Marvel's Iron Fist: 30 WTF Moments In Netflix's First Failure

Nice Eagle power, let's never mention it again...


Even just considering Iron Fist a rare miss for Marvel is enough to warrant a WTF reaction in itself: the studio has so far worked with Netflix on four excellent seasons (though some of Daredevil's season 2 was a little disappointed) and they were making a case for Pixar-like untouchable status.

But with white-washing controversies and accusations of cultural appropriation ringing loudly in everyone's ears, it seems Iron Fist simply isn't up to the high standards already set. It has its moments, of course (because in 13 hours, you're bound to hit some sweet notes), but it's fatally boring for too long, the fight choreography leaves a lot to be desired and some of the decision making is just mind-numbingly silly.

It's fundamentally a strange show - and not just because it appears to steal a character arc from Doctor Strange and a theme fanfare from Stranger Things - and compiling the oddest, most shocking and flatly most wrong elements of the show is no easy gambit. Mostly because there's just so much of it...

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