Marvel's Iron Fist: 30 WTF Moments In Netflix's First Failure

30. Why Is Danny A Hobo?

Danny Rand Iron Fist

When we first meet Danny, he's walking through New York with no shoes on, wearing ragged clothes with long shaggy hair and an unkempt beard. The suggestion seems to be that he has travelled a long time, through arduous conditions to be there. And that he's sort of a hippie who has grown used to having no shoes on.

There are two things that make no sense here: firstly, Danny got himself a fake passport and flew to America. At what stage did he take off his pristine ceremonial K'Un-Lun outfit to travel as a tramp? Imagine sitting next to him on a plane. Fella looks like he smells.

And not only that, but he is clearly wearing shoes in K'Un-Lun in the flashbacks. At what point did he decide - during his trip home - that shoes just weren't for him?!

In the comics, Danny turns up in New York decked out in his iconic superhero costume, which would have made for a striking and immediately gripping opening, even if he hadn't continued wearing it at all.

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