Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

9. New Kids On The Block


New characters are popping up for this second season, with speculation flying all over as to whether they're secretly connected to existing Marvel comics characters.

Ingrid, described as a tough and street-smart bisexual woman trained as a nurse, is speculated to be the MCU's version of Typhoid Mary. This show's history with portraying LGBTQ+ characters has been a solid one, and even if Ingrid is unconnected to any sort of comic counterpart, having her join the roster of interesting, complex characters will be something to celebrate.

Single father Oscar becomes the new superintendent in Jessica's building, with a young son who becomes enamoured with her. Some think he might be Otis “Danger” Johnson, a super-powered individual from the comics, but what's more interesting is his steamy encounter with Jess in the trailer, and an implied artistic streak from paintings of Jess in the iconic style of the show's promotional material. Even if fans are still hoping for Jess to rekindle her burgeoning romance with Luke, seeing her find love—or at least comfort and intimacy—with another person is a balm for the heart after Kilgrave's creepiness from the previous season.

Seeing how she interacts with his son will be undeniably entertaining, too.


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