Marvel's The Gifted: 7 Reasons To Be Excited

Watch your back, Gotham.

The Gifted Marvel

With the success of shows like Gotham, Agents of the Shield, and Legion, it's no wonder that each network is filling up their timeslots with shows that feature superhumans battling against vitriol-spewing villains.The Gifted, however, stands apart as a unique Marvel entity in an increasingly crowded group.

Its impressive cast and powerhouse crew already has viewers believing that it's a can't-miss premiere during the upcoming fall season. What's more, the potential cultural resonance and innovation of the storylines could earn The Gifted a strong following.

Creator Matt Nix admits he wandered into the obscure regions of the well-known X-Men franchise for inspiration. This invites questions about where the show's headed in its first season.

In addition, Nix remains tight-lipped about the series except for the few facts he has shared with the press. The show focuses on two parents grappling with their children's mutant powers, leading to government interference, but the reveals pretty much stop there. The suspense has conjured excitement among Marvel aficionados for months.

While in direct competition with another Marvel series, Inhumans, The Gifted should slash its rival's ratings if fan reaction's any indication. Every piece of released footage or on-set picture continues to catch the attention of eager viewers.

Now The Gifted's poised to excel by delivering something Marvel's yet to do in a universe its fans know well.

7. The Trailer Lived Up To The Hype

In a society that frequently depends on trailers for what to watch next, the gripping preview for The Gifted delivers action-packed scenes and haunting images. It garnered as many views and as much attention as the monster hit This is Us thanks to its stirring content.

With hints about the long-standing X-Men legacy, mutant wanted posters, and levitating policemen, the official trailer easily drew over eleven million hits on YouTube upon its release. Coupled with the viewership on other networks, it's amassed thirty-one million watchers altogether.

Early fan response suggests that The Gifted could perform better than Marvel's other series Inhumans. Devotees took to social media to blast Inhumans after its two initial trailers. Jeph Loeb, who also produces The Gifted, defended the preliminary footage of Inhumans in a rough TCA panel. Multiple criticisms about Inhumans' scenes were hurled at Loeb and ABC cut the panel short.

In comparison, the technical aspects and realistic look of The Gifted left fans enthused about Nix's rendering of the X-Men mythology. The trailer has cultivated a host of fan theories which signals how invested audiences are in the future of the show.

The Gifted trailer sparked the curiosity of millions while maintaining momentum ahead of its October premiere.


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