Mayans MC Season 1: 7 Big Questions We're Left With

As Season Two approaches, we look back at Mayans MC and the questions still in need of answers.


Mayans MC has been a solid successor to Sons of Anarchy so far. Set after the credits rolled on SAMCRO for the final time, the story follows Ezekiel Reyes (EZ) as a prospect for a Mayans charter based in the fictional California town of Santo Padre.

Recently released from prison, the pilot season shows EZ’s early days within the MC, doing their dirty work and finding himself caught up in a war between a faction of Mexican rebels and the local Galindo Cartel.

As the season develops, we learn more about EZ’s past, his motivations and the current work that the MC is involved in. We gain an insight into the various moving pieces, relationships, allies and enemies that craft the tale of Santo Padre.

As with all good series, the show leaves us yearning for more. Season One doesn’t wrap up every loose end. There are plenty of questions in need of answers, back stories in need of further explanation and uneasy conclusions that may not be as definitive as the show led us to believe.

With Season Two just around the corner, it’s time to look back at some of these unanswered questions.

Of course, beware of MAJOR Season One spoilers ahead.

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