MCU: 10 Comic Stories We Want To See In Marvel's What If...?

9. 1602

What if marvel
Marvel Comics

1602 is about as likely as the Marvel Zombies saga to actually happen in the MCU, making it a prime candidate for the What If treatment. While the Zombies storyline was written by Robert Kirkman, the writer of 1602 is, if anything, more esteemed: legendary fantasy writer Neil Gaiman.

As the title suggests, it takes place in 1602, mixing the traditional Marvel canon with civil unrest in Tudor England and the discovery of the New World of America.

It does rely quite heavily on the novelty factor of seeing our favourite heroes reinvented (no one would argue it’s Gaiman’s magnum opus), but in all honesty that’s a big draw for What If anyway.

The story reinvents Captain America as Rohjaz, a Native American warrior, Matthew Murdoch as a blind minstrel and Doctor Stephen Strange as an alchemist. However, the biggest focus is on Sir Nicholas Fury and his squire, Peter Parquah.

After Spidey and Fury’s spiky yet entertaining dynamic in Spider-Man: Far From Home, it would be great to see Tom Holland and Samuel L. Jackson back in action together again.

The dinosaurs in the final arc of the story are perhaps a little much, but 1602 wasn’t the type to pull punches.


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