MCU What If...? - 10 Biggest Takeaways From Episode 4

9. A New Character

What If...? Doctor Strange
Marvel Studios

The previous three episodes of What If…? have focused solely on existing characters within the MCU. Some of them may have been radically different, but just about every main character that has appeared so far was previously established within the franchise.

This streak was broken with episode four, as Doctor Strange travelled to the past and encountered someone never before seen in the MCU. O’Bengh was the keeper of Cagliostro’s Library, before they became the Lost Books of Cagliostro, and as a fellow sorcerer, he imparted what wisdom he could to Stephen.

Based on the character from the source material, this may actually have been Cagliostro himself, as O'Bengh was thought to be the ancient sorcerer’s true name. Despite the obvious power he possessed, and the grand library of books at his fingertips, he will be remembered in the MCU if for nothing more than calling Strange 'Sorcerer Armani'.

While he lived many, many years ago, the MCU is in such a weird and wonderful position now that that is no longer an obstacle for a character to return. Hopefully fans can see more of O’Bengh/Cagliostro in the future, possibly as something of a mentor to Strange in the absence of The Ancient One.


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