MCU: What The Netflix Shows MUST Do If Resurrected

There's plenty of room for mistakes. Let's try to narrow it.


It was a true shame when Netflix pulled the plug on their Marvel shows last year. Iron Fist was just getting good, Luke Cage had just set up some interesting stuff for season three, Punisher had returned to punishing criminals, Daredevil remained sublime and Jessica Jones... finished in a pretty good spot, actually.

Think what you will about Defenders and the wild fluctuations in quality between the shows, all of the characterizations seen in these shows (yes, even Iron Fist), were excellent, and have therefore had fans clamouring for their return on Hulu or FX, two platforms that Disney now own. Out of all of them, Daredevil in particular has amassed a passionate fan-following determined to bring the show back, with fans rallying behind the "#SaveDaredevil" hashtag in a bid to get Disney's attention.

If the fans do get what they want, there are certain factors that must be considered by those at Marvel Studios when it comes to continuing these stories, as there is little point in bringing them back if they do not meet the high expectations that have already been set.

As such, the following entries aim to set some guidelines on what must be done if there is to be a second coming of the Marvel Netflix shows, based on what worked - and didn't - during their four year run.


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