Midnight Mass: 10 Best Characters Ranked

8. The Angel

Midnight Mass

While the show, the IMDB, the Wikipedia, and almost every other source refer to this thing as "The Angel" for the sake of this, since it is anything but angelic, we're going to refer to it as Mr. Vampire.

It's not often nowadays that we get a truly frightening depiction of a vampire. While series like The Strain and movies like Boys From County Hell present some freakish fanged fiends, they're not what would be considered mainstream. Midnight Mass on the other hand is a major show on what is arguably the most popular streaming service, and that just make Mr. Vampire all the more special.

This thing is downright scary. Mr. Vampire is one ugly, hideous, sickening monster. None of that is a diss by the way, as any fan of creature features will agree that he is a genuinely beautiful creation. Even more so, he is viscous, feeling neigh unstoppable in his almost otherworldly villainy. You can't help but feel a sense of panic because you have no idea how our very human protagonist could possibly take him down.

What really seals the deal on him however is that, when it comes right down to it, he's nothing more than a glorified con artist. He manipulated an entire town into bowing down at his feet in hopes of furthering his plan for world domination. The best part? He did it all without having to say a single word.


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