Midnight Mass: 10 Best Characters Ranked

9. Annie Flynn

Midnight Mass

Three out of four of the Flynn family are going to find themselves with a place on this list, and first up on the bracket is Annie.

Annie's desire for everything to go back to normal after Riley's return, and her creeping realization that nothing will ever be the same is such a beautifully tragic piece of character work. It genuinely hurts to watch her struggle with the new reality in which she has been unwillingly thrown into. Though, what really sells her as a great character is her confrontation with Bev.

When Annie tells Bev straight up that she is not a good person and then proceeds to verbally eviscerate her, it is one of the most cathartic moments in the whole show. It just feels so good to see someone as selfish and hypocritical as Keane get read for absolute filth. Annie used her last moments as a human being to psychologically tear apart Bev, and the best part is you could tell from the look on that evil woman's face that it cut deep.

Bless you Annie Flynn, bless you.


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