Money Heist: 10 Most Insane Fan Theories

7. The Whole Story Is Being Narrated To Nairobi's Son

Another wild theory related to both Nairobi and Tokyo, this one has both a happy side and a sad side. The former refers to Tokyo still being alive. If the whole story is indeed a narration being passed on Nairobi’s son Axel, then of course Tokyo will have to be alive in order to do so.

This basically ties into the other theory suggesting Tokyo can’t be dead, simply because she is too important to the plot and the setting. There isn’t much other evidence backing this up, but hey it wouldn’t fall into crazy territory if there was.

The sad part of this theory is the crushing weight being transferred onto young Axel’s shoulders (though his age is debatable given this could be many years after the end of the heist). Imagine inheriting one’s mother’s legacy of being one of the most feared bank robbers in the world.

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