Money Heist: 10 Most Insane Fan Theories

8. Nairobi Enters Some Kind Of Afterlife

Money Heist

Nairobi’s death was the moment that shattered every fan’s heart. Every fan watching desperately prayed she would make it through the ordeal. At one point the writers even teased that she did. But, in the end, everyone’s worst fears came to life when she took a bullet right to the head.

While her death was tragic, the scene that followed was of a more curious nature. There, we saw Nairobi enjoying her time under the sun, surrounded by idyllic scenery, and more interestingly, the other bank robbers who had died before her. There we saw Berlin, Moscow, and Oslo enjoying a leisurely afternoon with some refreshments.

This has led to speculation that we actually saw Nairobi enter the afterlife, where she is reunited with her fallen comrades and friends. With her battle over and her dues paid, she could rest easy knowing she had done her part.

Curiously, in another scene we also saw the Professor and two of the others in the same setting, but perhaps the two things are unrelated.

If this theory is turns out to be true, then we can at least find some solace in the fact that Nairobi found her ever after.

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