Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

Is this the weirdest MCU property so far?

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From its humble beginnings with Tony Stark in 2008, a relatively grounded movie to say it came from a comic book, the MCU has grown to gigantic proportions. Though it may have started out with a man in a metal suit, the franchise has become a lot weirder over the years.

There have been alien invasions, Asgardian gods, superpowers, alternate dimensions and realities, and now in Phase Four, the multiverse has well and truly been opened. Even following all of that, Moon Knight is still one of the weirdest properties Marvel Studios have ever released.

Fans were excited to see Oscar Isaac take on the dark and gritty Moon Knight, and while there were certainly elements of this in the series, there was also a big dose of the supernatural, of downright creepy villains, and some things that normal citizens inside the Marvel world will never be able to unsee.

Whether these were shocking, emotional, scary, creepy, or anything in between, as Moon Knight truly had it all, there were certainly moments that sent the audience reeling. You'd be forgiven for having to take a second or two to really process some of the things these six episodes had to offer.


SPOILERS for the entire season follow

20. Arthur Harrow's Shoes

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It’s not uncommon for an MCU property to open by introducing its chief antagonist. It has happened throughout the entire franchise and is the approach Moon Knight took as well, introducing Arthur Harrow to audiences before either Marc Spector or Steven Grant.

With no pun intended, this was one of the most harrowing opening scenes or character introductions ever. The villain calmly drank a glass of water, shattered the glass with his cane, placed the shards in his sandals, and slid his feet in before walking off.

Could anyone have watched this without wincing at even the thought of what Harrow just did? He didn’t say anything, he didn’t seem phased by what he was about to do, he just did it. Immediately this said a lot about his character.

Seemingly acting as penance for his sins, he punished himself before going off to preach the word of Ammit and judge those that, like himself, were not good or balanced people.

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