Moon Knight: 20 HUGE WTF Moments

19. Steven's First Change

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Steven was arguably the funniest part of Moon Knight. The soft-spoken wannabe tour guide was as far from a superhero or mercenary character as you could imagine, yet he found himself thrown into the world of Marc Spector and Khonshu all the same.

The first half of the series was filled with mystery, particularly surrounding Steven’s dual identity, to the point that Marc was only seen in Steven’s reflection to begin with.

Even when Marc did take control of the body, audiences didn’t see him yet.

When Steven found himself in the Alps, surrounded by Harrow’s men and with the scarab that would lead to Ammit’s tomb in his hand, he was mobbed. With multiple people reaching for the compass, Steven blacked out. He knew nothing, the audience saw nothing, but he woke up surrounded by motionless bodies covered in blood.

What a way to tease exactly what Marc was capable of, and heighten the anticipation for actually seeing him in action. This was a jarring start to the series, to say the least.

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